Terra Viva

Geographical Information Systems
Systèmes d'information géographique
Sistemas de Information Geográfica

Terra Viva Inc. is a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) consulting firm. TerraViva has provided GIS expertise at both the technical and management levels applied to areas as diverse as municipal management and utilities, agriculture, environment, energy, forestry, transportation and telecommunications. TerraViva is based in Canada’s largest city and major transportation hub, Toronto, Ontario. From this location, TerraViva has delivered services in several cities spanning North and South America and the Middle East. Thanks to TerraViva’s record of success since inception and the extensive contacts and experience of its employees, the company enjoys a reputation for technical excellence, dependability and seasoned good judgement. Our reputation has garnered TerraViva a stable list of repeat clients. If you would like to be counted among them please contact us.

Please contact us at: tel: 416.533.2589